January 24, 2019

Finding New York

New York exists around the curve of a street corner, on an vacant R Train seat, and at a distance from the sanctuary of Red Hook’s mystery. New York is not somewhere or someplace or even a something.

Rolling in running shoes like the MTA schedule, I've found a whirl of humanity skirting from eye contact to no eye contact. From black jacket to black jacket. From phone to phone to phone.

The humidity that felt like summer became a winter without snow.

I watch kids on trains with matching braids paired with silver shoes squeeze together unnoticed while someone’s voice announces where we are and where we are going. We’re a community of tunnels. A community built on concrete beneath well-dressed bridges itching for glossy individuality.

Names of stations that didn’t mean anything to us before are now an audible map of the place we call home. Sirens blaze, birds make do with what they can find, cars speak their own language, skateboards slam, waking neighbours shut doors, and worn out shoes wear their work.

In a seemingly absurd muse of skyscrapers, there is no skipping steps in starting over, again, in New York City. On loops of Central Park and Prospect Park and lower Manhattan, and all of the local tracks, I join the huddled masses to strive in a way that only this city loves to strive. Stretching to the edge of uncertainty to understand why so many citizens of the world flock to these gritty boroughs in the first place.

The city reminds me to remember what I forgot about myself. The creative work. The running. The coaching. The learning. The growing. The writing. The art.

There’s no vacancy yet everyone is welcome. Everyone is welcome to carry out their vision of a life lived on top of garbage on top of art on top of each other, and create exactly what they dream to find.

October 30, 2017

The Present + Along the Way

Travel, creativity, and running, one can't help but wonder at the way it weaves its magic. There is no curation in these photographs, no in-depth review of coffee shops worth crossing off a list nor is there any groundbreaking theme — this is simply an assortment of moments and words captured along the way. 

The Present

Intentionally retrace footsteps past
to forget the present path.
Through this summer season
return to familiar reason.
Covering many, many miles
this will take awhile.
Literally and figuratively away
where fearless companions stay.
The beautiful mess of graffiti
across the face of the city.
Everything and nothing is the same
walk through a place to call it my own name.
Toeing the line to dig up determination
with the accompaniment of imagination.
Celebrate art and an obsession with the sky
ride bikes to see the night soar by.
Together on a boat in Stockholm we sit
in another language riding public transit.
The last person to jump off the dock
that’s where real courage is unlocked.
Doubt the process to chase sunsets
and fall in love with untidy habits.
Crisscross the labyrinth of Chicago and Berlin’s urban sprawl
at home, write poems about it all.

On Gratitude

I found you in myself, again.
For the next kilometer, and the one after that.
Such a generous gift.
Fatigue is my body’s gratitude. 
The run is my reward.