July 24, 2009

EUROPE AND NORTH AFRICA...a million thanks...

to the following people who have made the journey unforgettable so far. Without you I wouldn't have been able to travel for so long through Europe on such a tight budget. You made my experiences during the past three months very rich and beautiful. Thank you.

Monsieur Bernier in Casablanca, Morocco
Chrissy Kaibni for meeting me in Barcelona, Spain
Couchsurfing hosts in Lyon, France...Munich, Germany...Vienna, Austria
Madame Rebet in Lyon, France
Bryan Campbell in Milan, Italy
Dave and Petra in Czech Republic
Tim and Cythia Rogers in Calw, Germany
Omid in Berlin, Germany (Oliver Bouchard for connecting us)
Christian Brodersen in Copenhagen, Denmark (Taylre for connecting us)
Fiola Kidd for being a great WWOOFing host in Sweden
Liz Andrews for the great friendship in Sweden
Mom for traveling with me in Edinburgh, Northern Ireland and Ireland (and thanks for the new camera!)
Ellen in Edinburgh, Scotland (Greta for connecting us)
Beth Vaudry and Nancy Reynolds for the beautiful gifts!
Laurie, Alex and Garrett in Dublin, Ireland (Auntie Gail for connecting us)
Maeve Kehoe for meeting me in Scotland and France...thank you!
Katie Matho in Paris, France (Liz Gustafson for reconnecting us)
Olivier Bouchard for the road trip to Biarritz, France