July 31, 2009

India. Animals. Okay.

There are a lot of stray dogs in India. Some are quite sweet. The Watsa's have three that they have taken in themselves. I love them. Uncle Mike says that they are the best dogs in the entire world because they're very smart and very strong...they have survived only through the process of natural selection. Similar stray dogs can be found throughout Asia, Africa and Australia.

In India, there is a program which neuters the dogs, clips their ears to mark that they have been taken care of and then releases them again to their respective territory. I took a photo at the bus station this morning that depicts how many dogs there are around all the time and how they just take a nap wherever they feel like it. I have been joking that there are more dogs in India then there are Canadians in the world. I would like to see the numbers compared.

There are cows everywhere in India. They are just awesome. They cause traffic jams. They eat everything. They come in all colours and sizes. There are also a lot of monkeys! I stay away from the monkeys because I heard they bite but I think they are cute. Cheers.