August 9, 2009

And the road goes on and on and on...

After a 16 hour bus ride, 5 hour stop-over in Mumbai, and 17 hour train ride…we have arrived in Jodhpur. We are exhausted. The train was quite comfortable but we didn’t have any food with us because we couldn’t find a grocery store in Mumbai. Not that smart. We had a loaf of bread and some jam that we bought in Hampi (but that was gone after the bus ride)…luckily we grabbed a small lunch before getting on the train. The problem here is that our stomachs don’t tolerate the food, so you can’t just grab a bite to eat anywhere. It is sometimes a big problem. We have been eating a lot of bread and jam and drinking a lot of Sprite…because sometimes the bottled water isn’t safe to drink either.

I screamed like a small child when a rat came up behind me in the Mumbai train station. I get really frustrated when the auto-rickshaw driver’s treat us differently than the locals. As a traveler, India will test you. IT WILL TEST YOU BIG TIME.

The trains in India are VERY slow and they stop all of the time. You can get off when the train stops and grab something to eat but you need to get back on before the train starts to slowly crawl along again.

We have found a guest house here and plan to rest for a couple days before exploring more of Rajastan.