August 11, 2009

"And then this one time...I slept on the roof outside in India..."

Last night, I ate at one of the many rooftop restaurants here. For a moment I was in a scene right out of The Kite Runner, but in India not Afghanistan. There were dozens of kites flying high is the Jodhpur sky. It was incredible to see that.

The heat was something awful yesterday at 40 degrees Celsius, when the sun went down it was semi-tolerable. We are staying in a little guest house but there isn’t any AC (just a ceiling fan), so we slept outside on the balcony last night on little cots.

Outside was much better and once our eyes adjusted to the night, we saw that all of the other rooftops around the town were packed with people sleeping outside. There are no bugs here so it was very nice.

We woke up to a woman washing the floor around us just as the sun was coming up. I spent an hour on the roof this morning watching the sun come up, taking photos and watching people begin their day. It was a perfect time to do some yoga, pushups and sit-ups. I could see both the moon and the sun and it made me happy to know that everyone at home was looking at the same thing.

We are going to stay at the same guest house again tonight (it is about $6USD a night) but tomorrow we are going to a really new place with a pool and AC (for about $20USD a night). We are really excited to go swimming. The joys of traveling.