August 7, 2009

Something to write home about...

It is our last day in Hampi today. There are some incredible people here. Actually right now while I am writing this post there is a deafening band of people marching down the street with drums and trumpets, setting off fire crackers, and they are all covered in paint. Apparently there is a festival here today. Not sure what it is exactly.

We went running yesterday and I swear people in India have NEVER seen anyone running and FOR SURE not a western woman running...ha it just insane the stares that we got. This morning I said good bye to the running shoes that I have been sporting because I figure I have logged over five hundred miles of walking and running on them. I gave them to the boys working at our guest house. They didn't seem to mind that they were women's running shoes. I will look for a new pair in the next few days.

Tonight we are catching a bus to Mumbai from Hospet (total trip time is 14 hours) and then we are catching a LONG train north to Jodhpur in Rajastan. It should be a test for our stamina, that's for sure. India is a very large country (maybe that is why it is called the sub-continent) and saying that it takes a long time to get from one place to another is an understatement. But the journey is part of the fun...not just the destination.