September 16, 2009

Here, already?

After catching the 2 a.m. flight to Bangkok, I arrived at a guest house on Khao San Road delirious but happy to be in a new place. Yes, I have joined the hoards of tourists here in Thailand. I feel like I have stepped back into a world I mildly recognize...compared to India and Nepal. I ate some Pad Thai and was in heaven for five minutes on the side of the street.

It is a really amazing city. I feel good about it already, wishing more friends had met me for this leg of the trip. Planning the route for the next three weeks through Southern Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore before Bali, Indonesia.

Last words on my experience in India…to cap off my travels there, I had the worst taxi ride imaginable. I passed a dead body (a man left dead on the side of busy street - completely alone and unattended). The cab crashed into a curb and we were bombarded by toxic fumes from crazy buses, motorcycles. Ripped off on the fare...and I cried for the third time in India because sometimes I don’t understand how any government or individual could ever let things get that bad.

It was nice to talk to my parents yesterday about how I was feeling this week. At moments, I feel really confused and helpless about what steps I can take in my life to help the people there in some way. This is a blog. So I am blogging about what kind of impression India left on me - confusion, sadness and a new appreciation and gratitude for life.

"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person… a beautiful thing." -Mother Theresa