September 9, 2009

The world after a quarter century.

I am now 25 years old, at least in Nepal I am, till a few more hours to go back in North America. I have been extraordinarily lucky so far in my life. The past four and a half months have been exhilarating, challenging and incredible.

“How are you feeling?”
“Was your trip worth it?”
“Did you take pictures?”
“A lifetime’s worth.”
-from the film One Week

Yesterday, we went on a ridiculous mountain biking excursion. Lonely Planet gave us the idea…they wrote all about the route in their Nepal guide book…so we decided to try it out. Surya hooked us up with some pimped-out bikes and we headed north out of the Kathmandu valley. We rode for 22km straight up and then rode 22km straight down…ha, and then I got a flat tire and had to carry/run my bike the last 4km back into town. The locals just gawked and honked at me to get out of the way. Oh yeah, and to top it off…I forgot the camera battery so we couldn’t take any photos…oh well, I guess everyone else is just meant to come to Kathmandu and see the views for themselves…you can’t truly capture the spray of mud on your butt and back and face in photos…you have to zip down the hills on your own and experience the Nepal air with your own lungs.