October 17, 2009

IF YOU….list that we came up with in Bali. We don’t know much but we know a little bit.

Some of these are meant to be funny...and some are fuelled by what we saw and experienced in the past six months.
  • If you want to develop anxiety, take Malaria pills. Those things are deadly.
  • If you want to mow the lawn, rake the yard, weed the garden, paint the deck and tear down trees all in one day, MEDITATE….AND in case that happens to you, listen to Ace of Base songs on repeat.
  • If you are abroad and tragedy happens in the place where you are from…pay tribute.
  • If you want fake shit, go to SE Asia.
  • If you like Mexican food, don’t travel and stay in North America.
  • If you like to pay $8 for a beer at a bar, stay in North America.
  • If you are one of those people who needs to go to Thailand to get a lady, get a f**king life.
  • If you think NYC, LA or ATL traffic is bad…go to India.
  • If you think the grass is greener on the other side or your life isn’t what it should be…go to India. IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you think it is fun sitting at your desk all day long for the rest of your life, we hope you have a nice chair…you are MISSING OUT on a lot of great stuff out there.
  • If you are putting travel off or saying that you'll go sometime in the near future...it is not AS EXPENSIVE AS YOU THINK IT IS and if you are worried about money, maybe you should think twice…or look at my bank account!
  • If you ever go to Starbucks and complain about the amount of milk in your coffee…look at yourself in the mirror and ask, am I happy? Some people would die to give their family a teaspoon of milk.
  • If you genuinely love someone, you should tell them everyday…just like my mum, Peggy…thanks mum, you were a very large and important part of our trip. You came all the way to Scotland to meet us and that meant so much to both of us.
  • If you have a friend who is willing to fly around the world to see you, BE GRATEFUL and hold on to them, they are very hard to find.
  • If you wake up at 6am hung over and say that you want to do it all over again…call Olivier Bouchard. He is one hell of a smart guy, a party animal and a huge inspiration to us.
  • If you are going to say something and not do it….if you are going to text instead of phoning….if you are going to pretend to be someone you’re not…if you are never going to step outside your comfort zone…you have to ask yourself, what’s the point of that?
  • If you think it was all red and roses for us traveling around the world for the past half year, it wasn’t…but at the end of the day, we did it…and it is not over yet!!!
ONE LOVE. ONE LIFE. You’ve got to do what you should.