October 10, 2009

Singapore. Where all the cool people hang out.

After a seven hour bus ride we arrived in Singapore! SO TIRED.

Singapore is somewhat of a social phenomenon. It is unlike the rest of SE Asia that we have seen. Everyone is super trendy and really dynamic. We hung out at Clarke Quay last night…which is just so unbelievably hip and awesome. It is a SHOPPER’S MECCA here, in a very serious way. We stayed in another dumpy hostel dorm room. Saw the legendary Raffles Hotel. Walked around in the VERY HUMID weather and really appreciated the cleanliness of this great city. The airport is also bangin’ with a swimming pool and obviously great shopping!! Ha. Oh yeah, I saw this hilarious poster on the MRT (their Metro) about all of the great Creative Directors in the city and I had to take a photo…I chuckled about that…kudos to JWT on there a few times. And so now…we are waiting to catch out flight down to Bali!