November 21, 2009


We spent our Saturday afternoon walking around the Kings Cross and Potts Point neighborhoods…a few short steps away from our neighborhood of Elizabeth Bay…all of which have a rich and risquĂ© history. 

Kings Cross is one of the cities most famous villages. Once the domain of grand houses and stylish apartments, ‘The Cross’ eventually became the city’s red light district and an entertainment zone that never sleeps. It has been home to Sydney’s Bohemia, the haunt for artists, actors, writers and musicians. Many Sydney 'identities’ who chose artistic and creative lives above money making have lived on strip of Darlinghurst Road. 

It continues to attract anyone hoping to find what the painter Donald Friend described in the 1940’s as the ‘genuine Berlin air’ of the Cross, where ‘everybody is wicked’. As the New York Times describes…”with a bohemian heritage going back to the 1920s, Potts Point is Sydney's answer to Paris's Left Bank or London's Notting Hill — coffee shops, galleries, bookshops — though much smaller in area”. Here are some photos that I snapped along our stroll.