February 24, 2010

Vancouver Olympics 2010

It was our good fortune to mark the end of my trip around the world by attending the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. Special thanks to the Martz family for hosting my family and many of my friends. Huge thanks to Abby for hosting Maeve and Meghan. We deeply appreciate everyone’s generosity and hospitality. Thanks to Christine and Brian for coming all the way out from Atlanta and also a big thank you for the hockey tickets to see Canada play against Germany. Thanks to Katelyn, Maeve, Meghan, Kelly, my parents and my brother for coming out to Vancouver!

And so after attending a victory ceremony and seeing the Barenaked Ladies play, the men’s final figure skating program, USA women’s hockey semi-final, Sweden vs Belarus men’s hockey round robin match, Canada vs. Germany men’s hockey playoff qualification match, Canada vs. Russia men’s hockey quarter final and the women’s hockey bronze medal game…I can honestly say that I have had a fabulous experience here in Vancouver. All thanks to some wonderful friends. I am very lucky.

It has been exciting to be part of the action and hype here in Vancouver. The streets are electric. Other highlights from Vancouver include running the Fort Langley half-marathon with Abby, catching up with old friends, tandem cycling through Stanley Park with the girls, drinking Caesars, eating Poutine late night, watching a childhood friend represent Canada on the men’s hockey team (Go Mike!), holding/biting a GOLD medal, and seeing the Olympic cauldron burning in Canada.