February 19, 2011

My brother's planned road trip.

I'm not one to live vicariously through others but I just can't resist posting my younger brother's reading week road trip schedule because I think it is just so awesome and hilarious - for those of you who know him will also get a kick out of this. This is what he sent our parents.

Leave 7am Saturday, February 19 (Salt Lake City)
12 hours to Salt Lake City (be there for 7 or 8pm)

Sunday, February 20 (Las Vegas)
Leave Salt Lake City: 7am
6 hours to Las Vegas, Nevada
Arrive Las Vegas: (be there for 1pm Sunday)
Spend night in Las Vegas

Monday, February 21 (Los Angeles/Huntington Beach
Drive to Los Angeles (4:30 hours, Las Vegas to Los Angeles)
Go to Huntington Beach; Find Hotel; Surf Location

Tuesday, February 22 (Los Angeles/Huntington Beach)
Surf Day

Wednesday, February 23(Los Angeles/Huntington Beach)
Golf Day
NHL (Los Angeles at Anaheim)

Thursday, February 24 (Las Vegas)
Drive back to Las Vegas
Jim Jefferies (Las Vegas) @ 9pm

Friday, February 25 (Las Vegas)
Head back to Lethbridge (Spend night in Salt Lake City)

Saturday, February 26
Back in Lethbridge, Alberta