July 28, 2011


Before we went to San Francisco I conducted some research on where to eat. Supposedly the food is one of the best things about that city...and now I can say that it truly is. Here are some of Oh Happy Day’s San Francisco Food Bucket List picks that we ate at!

Photos by yours truly.
1. The Sentinel. This place is such a gem. For $8 you can get a gourmet meal. Go for the Corned Beef Sandwich even if you aren’t a huge fan, it’s life changing. It’s in the financial district so its only open Monday-Friday for lunch.
2. Tartine. Go for breakfast. Get the morning buns and something hot to drink make the person you are with try something else like bread pudding. Avoid the sandwiches, the bread hurts your mouth.
3. Pizzeria Delfina*. Don’t get fancy, just get the Margherita. And get the brussel sprouts if they have them. Heaven. There are two locations. No reservations, just go and wait.
4. Bi Rite Ice Cream. There are other specialty ice cream stores but BiRite is still my favorite. Even if there is a line ask to try a couple kinds. Then buy some. Salted Caramel rules all.
5. Nopa*. Impossible to get in at the last minute. You have to get reservations way in advance or show up ten minutes before it opens and sit at the bar.

6. The Ferry Building*. Where do I start with this wonderful place? This topic needs a whole post of its own on how to do it right. Go Hungry, bring money, don’t be cheap, ask questions and be in an adventurous mood. Try every sample that is offered to you.

  • Salted Caramels from Recchiuti (ask the employee to recommend 1 or 2 other kinds to purchase.)
  • Boulette’s Larder ask the shopgirl to recommend some of their custom spice mixes. I love the African salt for Pizza. Do not leave the Ferry Building without buying at least one.
  • Stonehouse Olive Oil + McEvoy Olive Oil Don’t be shy and try every single kind. If you love it buy a bottle. I had never tasted real olive oil before these guys.
  • Boccalone Ask for recommendations for “Tasty Salted Pig Parts”
  • Cowgirl Creamery Ask the shop keeper to recommend a few kinds. Try taste tests of several. Then buy some.
  • Acme Bread Ask the employee to recommend a few kinds. Buy some.
  • Miette I like their macaroons the best. Buy one for each person in your party.
  • Blue Bottle Coffee Best coffee in SF.
Then go out back and have a picnic with all your treasures in front of the Bay Bridge.