August 7, 2011

Project Nim

"Equal parts hilarious, poignant, and heartbreaking, Project Nim not only tells a compelling story masterfully, but also raises the flag on the darker side of human nature."
I'd read raving reviews about Project Nim from a film-making perspective but what is true of all excellent documentaries and art for that matter - the viewer is challenged to make opinions and decisions on the story for themselves. Don't we all want to be challenged and pushed out of our everyday norms and comfort levels? Yes, this film and scientific study (or lack thereof) has many injustices but it was compelling and engaging at the same time.
One message that I particularly loved, apparently a chimpanzee can see through humans true character and only when someone is "true of heart" do they fully trust them or respect them. Amazing, isn't it?
I've had friends travel to Peru to study primates which is just so profoundly incredible, read about their story on their blog.