November 13, 2011

When the miles pay off...and many thanks to the Angels.

While much of my blog has been about traveling, music and art...I have to write about another passion of mine for a post. Running. After one great summer and fall of training and racing - the racing season came to an end for the Angels last weekend. After a defeating marathon experience in Montreal in September - all of the training finally paid off in two recent races - 3rd in an 8km ( and 2nd in a half marathon ( - yippee! 

The Angels are a group of driven elite and developmental female athletes coached by Nicole Stevenson (, all of whom have incredible athletic goals. Nicole is such a phenomenal coach and friend to all of us - we couldn't ask for more from her in terms of inspiration and support. I'll speak for the entire team in saying that we all aspire "to be like Nicole".

These ladies have become great friends to me and they have pushed me to achieve personal best race times in the past six months. The photos above were taken at the Toronto Women's 8km Run two weeks ago with a handful of Angels leading the race from the start and a few of the Angels at the finish of the Hamilton Marathon.

The remainder of year will be spent running less mileage, gaining strength and speed moving into the 2012 race season…it is phenomenal to train with such outstanding individuals - who share the same drive to run, to race, to improve.