May 1, 2012

Hot Docs. Planet of Snail. Incredibly inspiring.

Though quite a slow moving documentary film, Planet of Snail, reflects with delicacy and detail the life of two truly wonderful humans. 
I just had to see this film after reading the following description:

"Deaf-blind Korean poet Young-Chan needed to have the “heart of an astronaut” to survive the darkness and silence until he met his wife, the gentle and patient Soon-Ho, whose spinal disability makes her just taller than her husband’s elbow. As Young-Chan’s soulmate, partner, window and bridge to the larger world, she translates for him through finger braille. His poetry challenges our preconceptions of disability; his quiet and deeply interior existence liberates him from the “deep swamp of ego” in which “the eyes and ears and heart of a man are often deeply hypnotized.” This IDFA award-winner employs exceptional observational cinema to immerse us in the couple’s lives, transforming everyday moments into joyful explorations of extraordinary depth. Together Young-Chan and Soon-Ho change light bulbs, smell and feel the forest, and experience raindrops in some of the most moving depictions of love and true partnership ever captured on screen." -Gisèle Gordon