April 3, 2013

Ben's Coachella Packing List

**Updated April 2015. A group of us from Kenora and Toronto attended Coachella 2013 & 2014. It WAS epic. My brother has another survival guide up on his blog, check it out here.**

The best email I have ever received. 

"Hey gang. Ali and I made up a list of some important items to bring to Coachella. Most of it is probably pretty obvious. Hopefully it will help you out with packing, the less stuff you have, probably the better. These are the essentials for surviving a music festival. The one that is very important is number five. Heineken is so key. If you have any other ideas for stuff to bring send it to the group. This is gonna be an EPIC weekend.
  1. Towels – the shower lineups are usually long but you can wash off at the water refill stations.
  2. Bandana – to cover your face from dust clouds, stinky outhouses or to just be sweet
  3. Good shoes – they say this in all the pamphlets but it’s major! If your feet get sore you're toast. You don’t want to be the one in the group slowing everyone down and complaining.
  4. Fanny Pack – a must-have for a festival, having a bag or backpack super sucks, everyone will bump into you. Seriously.
  5. Heineken – I highly recommend this. There is a Heineken chill tent. If you have Heineken beer they will hold a case for you (and you can keep restocking). It’s basically a dome, that is air-conditioned, and they keep your beer in a giant fridge. Awesome when you need a cold drink and everything has been turned to bath water temperature at the campsite. Ali and I spent a lot of time in there, it’s a game changer and not many festival-goers know about it. I suggest buying Heineken.
  6. Plastic bags (Ziploc) – fill with booze and sneak into festival grounds
  7. Beads – you can always trade beads…maybe for bottled water
  8. Glow sticks – these are great if you are in a group…way easier to see and find others at night – if you make a weird design it can be really easy to find someone. Don’t worry about buying these because I ordered 180 from the company I am getting the Diffraction glasses from.
  9. Empty water jug – Ali and I had one of these every day there. It’s crazy hot! We stopped at Walmart and got empty 1.5L jugs, and carried them around with us for the refill stations.
  10. Bed sheet – string up to make a canopy for shade. White to reflect sun. The bigger the better.
  11. Rope/duct tape – to string up bed sheet
  12. Cheap sunglasses
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Hat
  15. Baby wipes
  16. Kleenex, toilet paper + hand sanitizer
  17. Aloe Vera
  18. Lipbalm with sunscreen
  19. Tylenol
  20. Ear plugs
  21. Car phone charger/regular charger – there is a charging station, but who wants to sit with their phone while it is charging and everyone is off having fun?!"