June 5, 2013

Detroit and Chicago in 57 hours

The weekend in words.
Packed. Coffee. Drive to Detroit. Inn on Ferry Street. Walk down Woodward. The Whitney. Soulful Motown. Upstairs bar. Salmon and steak. Etta's tips. Closing down the joint. Getting locked in. Hailing a cab "this is Detroit, we don't follow the rules ha ha ha". D'Mango's speakeasy. The band. "Gimme Shelter - read those lyrics sometime." Lady at the door. Ghetto Blaster beer. "We like you guys but you gotta leave. It's over." Running through Detroit. Running around Tiger Stadium. Breakfast of champions. The Heidelberg Project. Hitting the road for Chicago. Arriving at the United Center with 20 minutes to spare. Three states in one day. Sweet tickets to the game. LA Kings fans in a Chicago arena. National anthem chills. Bobby Hull. Watching my childhood friend play. Waiting out the rain storm. Deep dish at Pizano's. Crimson Lounge in Hotel Sax. Untitled speakeasy. Dancing. Long walk back. Running tour of Chicago. The Bean. Bryant Park. Running the lake wall. No rush to leave the city. Trader Joe's rocks our world. Hit the road. Back to Toronto. Good tunes make up the moments of our lives.

D'Mongo Speakeasy.
The Whitney.
The Inn on Ferry Street. Stunning.
The Heidelberg Project.
Game 1. Chicago Blackhawks versus Los Angeles Kings.
Untitled Speakeasy.