January 11, 2014

Costa Rica. A small piece of the world. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it?

1. travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.

My goal with this post, and my blog for that matter, is to energize others to make room for exploration and to impart dreams of travel and adventure. Inspire readers to live the healthiest life possible and to never touch the ground.

Be the explorer. Be the traveler. Take the ride. Seek adventure. Go for that run. Stand up for what is right and fair. Be interested. Pura vida.

In 2009, I spent one year following summer around the globe, exploring this amazing world we live in. Extended travel on a shoestring is something everyone should immerse himself or herself in. If you dream of doing it, the time is now. Travel creates vivid memories that become the architecture of our identity. If you get the chance, take it. It will change your life. Let it.

These days, the backpacks belong on my brother Benny and his dazzling girlfriend, Ali as they traverse through Central America for five months. We (myself and Michael) feel so grateful for the twelve days in Costa Rica we recently spent with them.

So often, we are on a trajectory of routine that focuses on experiences that don’t challenge us or force us to grow. Not all of us have to travel to Central America to explore, we can explore the cities, communities, towns, forests, lakes and oceans that we have at our disposal everyday.

Travel is however, the main ingredient to true exploration that allows us to learn about the world, ourselves, others, and pushes us to live in the moment.

Here are few moments from my travels with Benny, Ali and Michael that I am proud to share, moments of wonderment at the vast and incredible country of Costa Rica, a small by mighty country connecting two massive continents together with beauty and adventure.

“If you want to learn about the sea, it helps to be at sea.” –Mark Nepo

The route.

Methods of transportation included shuttles, public buses (cheapest way to travel through Costa Rica), ferries and local taxis.

Lodging included dorms in hostels, local hotels, cabinas and pasadas ranging from $16-$20 USD per person per night.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica - highlights include incredible 2014 New Year's beach bonfire, surfing, sunsets, running on the beach, and swimming in the waves.

Montezuma, Costa Rica - highlights include hiking, terrifying jump off a 50ft waterfall, day tripping via local bus and eating Gelato.

1st fall...no one has ever survived a jump off this waterfall.
Benny and Ali after jumping the 2nd waterfall.
Example of what the jump looks like.

Rio Celeste - highlights include epic travel day of five buses, one ferry, one hellish taxi ride through the jungle, waking up in the cloud forest, beautiful waterfall, 7 hour hike, exceptional people and stunning landscapes.

Canas, Costa Rica - highlights include rafting and night out with locals (this last experience tops my all time top ten life experiences list).

Playa del Coco, Costa Rica - highlights include sunset drinks, sunset sail to cap off an insanely amazing trip, team hill run to the town lookout and eating meals prepared by Ali.

“Be in love with your life, every moment of it.” –Jack Kerouac