June 24, 2014

Be fast.

It has been a busy three months of travelling, training and racing post my Around the Bay 30km race in late March.

The weeks have included the Ottawa Race Weekend 10km, Toronto Challenge 5km, three 1500m races around Ontario (Toronto, London, Guelph) and a 3000m race at York University. 

The goal is to get faster and stronger on the track but also reinvigorated by the speed and change in training. When it comes time to focus on and return to the longer races, hopefully I've trained my body to find another gear. It has been a great adventure with a few track races remaining. I'm loving the challenge and the support from my teammates and coach.

Here is a quick look at what the past few months have been like. My motto...be fast.

Post-race thumbs-up after racing a season personal best time!

Scene at Monday night workouts this spring at Upper Canada College.

Reason to love track...you're never alone.

Elite Women's Start at Ottawa Race Weekend 10km

A few of Nicole Stevenson's Angels at the start of the Toronto Challenge 5km

What you need a lot of when racing on the track.

Shout out my training partner, Paulina Maher for landing a spot on the cover of Canadian Running Magazine.

Words to live by.

Motivation to be awesome and fast.