November 17, 2014

Art, film, music & girl power!

A curation of things I'm loving today.

  • Art.
  • Music. I swear, this song by First Aid Kit (below) is my anthem. LOVE IT!
  • Hot Docs showcased Girls Rock! over the weekend. I had no idea that something like this even existed. The documentary film blew my mind and really hit on all the things (I think) we should be teaching girls. To be happy with who they are, to defend and express themselves, to sing, to write, to play, to be different, to be nice to one another...and stop apologizing for being so damn awesome. The film Girls Rock! takes place in Portland, Oregon but there is also a Girls Rock Camp in Toronto, who provide a safe space for girls aged 8-16 to learn instruments, write songs and rock out on stage. How insanely rad is that?!
I found this a couple years ago and rediscovered it recently. Thrush Holmes is so rad.
Girls Rock Camp Toronto rules!