December 10, 2014

Girls Got Goals

Many, many goals. Crushed.

Congratulations to the ever-amazing Ali, on all of her accomplishments this fall. She landed an incredible job. Mastered HTML & CSS in her HackerYou course. Raced in 8km and 1600m races. She knocked hard at Toronto's doorstep, kicked ass, and took names. She made a vegan-inspired Thanksgiving dinner, rocked out at concerts, and maintained a positive attitude while battling traffic on her bike.

Ali presents her final project at Hacker You's demo day. So rad.

That's a wrap! On a snowy December afternoon in Regent Park, a group of girls, athletes, teachers, and passionate runners gathered to celebrate the inaugural Girls With Gusto program at the end of season party. When I look at these photos, I feel so grateful.

Sasha Gollish, a friend and exceptionally talented runner, came out to address the group alongside Lisa Wiele, a runner and community ambassador for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, as well as Melanie & April Boultbee, both accomplished ultra-marathon runners.

All of these women supported my program from start to finish with clothing donations, monetary support, and really knocked it out of the park with their guest speaking appearance at the party.

We were also joined by Maya Laylor from the Canadian Junior Weightlighting team, who took the time to share her journey and dreams with the girls.

The girls wrote down words our guest speakers mentioned that inspired them. Check that out below. We eliminated the phrase "I can't" in practice this fall, this was so powerful in helping the girls learn to talk about themselves differently and ultimately allow them to see new possibilities. The language we use to describe our skills is so key in what the outcome will be.

I am thankful to the teachers who helped bring the program together and who volunteered their time week after week.

We ran. We raced. We talked. We celebrated moments. And we all dream a little bigger as a result.

Girls With Gusto celebrate their inaugural season crushing goals, winning medals, and getting stronger.
Creating words to live by with my exceptional friends, Sasha Gollish and Lisa Wiele.
Girls With Gusto selfie love.
These words say it all. #nevergiveup

My path crossed with a incredible teacher named Chantal from Sudbury, Ontario this fall. She invited me to visit her school, share my story with over 120 students, spend time with her girls running class, and run in a local race with the students. I jumped at the opportunity.

People around the world dedicate their lives to others but when you're around it you really feel it, the passion is infectious. Chantal has a vision to make her community a healthier one through the spirit of running. I expect big things to come out for the area as a result of her drive.

You can live your life out of a circumstance or you can live your life out of a vision.” -Werner Erhard

Girls running program and their incredibly passionate teacher, Chantal, send a good luck message to me before my marathon last month. This group of girls are working hard at their own goals and dreams. #inspiring
Presentation of funds raised by runners in Sudbury, Ontario to the Salvation Army that will be directed to Cedar Place, a local women's shelter.