December 29, 2014

Seeking peace, creativity, and balance.

Signing off the year after a couple weeks in northern Ontario spent with family and friends. 

The weather was both mild and frigid but it was spectacular to be out on the frozen lakes and in the snowy woods.

Highlights include driving the ice road with my parents, evening hikes in the bush, hilly runs around the area, boot hockey and yurts in Minaki (plan your trip up here ASAP!), crafting with my mom, eating delicious food, catching up on my reading, celebrating the good news with Liz and Dan-o, watching Michael embrace all of the new experiences, and generally taking a break from city living.

Throwing some Shred Kelly in here because Sage (one of the lead singers) calls Minaki home and her parents were so good to all of us this weekend. Watch out for this band in 2015!

Cheers to a rock solid year end!

Ridge Run hike in Minaki, Ontario.
Yurt livin', sled dog, and city boy turned pioneer.
This is how we do it.
Lighting up the north.
A little boot hockey.
Tuk-tut runs the show in Minaki, Ontario.
For the love of the game.
Holiday crafting.
A celebration that calls for party hats. Congrats Liz and Dan!
SIDE NOTE...inspired to spend more time outdoors in 2015?
Check out the book The Outsiders: New Outdoor Creativity for some crazy visual inspiration.