March 27, 2015

The kind of love that never goes out of style

Oh, Toronto. Calling it a wrap on five years spent living in Canada’s greatest city. Run the streets and you will discover exactly what I mean.

Our new home will be beside the ocean, under the mountains, and it will inevitably steal our hearts because that’s the way it is with the west coast. We're moving to chase dreams, write stories, win hockey games, and explore.

But first, the start.

Originally this blog started as a place to document my travels following summer around the world, then it took on a whole new dimension providing a space where I could share my experiences growing and evolving as a person. And grow, I did.

When I arrived back in Canada in March 2010 after eight years living outside the country, I wrote this short boring blog on moving to Toronto (read it here, if you care to). It doesn’t really say much. I didn’t know what to expect and ultimately I stepped away from writing for seven months after that until I did have something to say. Blogging is a diary of sorts, our mood and outlook on life dictates what we choose to share – once I really got to know Toronto, the gates opened.

Here I am, five years later.

Three apartments, three jobs, my own business, loads of new friends, visits from old friends, some heartbreak, many North American trips (Montreal, Quebec City, Atlanta, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Asheville, Charleston, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Indio, Detroit, Buffalo, Guelph, Stratford, Las Vegas, San Diego, London, Haliburton, Sudbury, name a few), incredible adventures in Europe, Central America and Africa, dozens of races run, thousands of miles logged, AND to top it all amazing partner in crime. What an awesome ride.

Toronto is what you make it.

The myths that so many Canadians believe about this city are just that, myths. Music, art, food, sport, fashion, innovation, design, opportunity. They all live here. And so do interesting people, great coffee shops, stellar markets, beautiful beaches, and urban adventures. The "bad" stuff you might hear about, that I don’t need to list, it doesn’t matter. If you appreciate what you have at your doorstep, your days will always be bright. With half of the population in Toronto born outside of Canada, you can travel the world many times over on any given day. I have and will always love that.

Where to find the good stuff.

T.O. is tattooed across my heart. 

I look forward to landing at Pearson airport in the future to rediscover and explore this marvellous town. Here is what the tattoo looks like.

Exceptional street art can be found around the city. This piece lives at the bottom of my street but I took the photo years before I moved to this area. Look for serendipity.
Sometimes when we go through big changes it feels like our foundation is gone. One night when I was walking along Queen Street West I saw this window - I was instantly grateful for all of the creative people in Toronto who put it there.
Art is art is art is art. One show of many I saw while living in Toronto.
Outside of Momofuku. It's a stunning piece. Get the ginger noodles if you eat here.
Subway art. While Torontonians have a love-to-hate-it relationship with the TTC, finding something like this flower or having time to sit-down and think on a train or streetcar is always a nice escape.
That time Ai Weiwei came to Toronto and we all won at life. The AGO is the best place to hang out, don't miss it.
More street art. Sadly this piece is gone now, but lucky for me I have a photo. Document the beautiful things you see. It's a life lesson, people!
Kensington Market. Where the freaks and hippies go to jam.
Palmerston Avenue. It was love at first sight for me…was it for you?
One of the fifty odd outdoor rinks in this rad city.
A bridge to run across. A really nice one.
Toronto Island, one the best kept secrets of this place.
Walking through the Junction on a summer day.
Sunrise running in Toronto is my church.
Not sure who won the game but it was fun.
Toronto tradition. The Ex.
My rocks since 2011.
Once upon a time we were all kids. This marks a day that helped me figure out what exactly I'm going to do with my career.
Girls with Gusto, a dream brought to life.
Incredible sub three hours spent on the streets of Toronto. xox Stewie.
Two girls at the Toronto International Film Festival. We've had some good times here, Maever!
Then this guy made the city glow and it was never the same again. Love is like that, I guess.
Just my mom chillin' in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Pretty standard. Making Toronto awesome on her annual visits since 2010.
My team. Just a couple of punks living the dream. xox