May 24, 2015

"It's better to be outside than in."

A hodge-podge post. Inspired by friends, the great outdoors, art and good tunes. With love.

A Vancouver street to call our own.

"As with age, you choose your own way."

I stumbled across this video a few days ago. It touches on a lot of themes that come with moving out to the west coast, missing family & friends, chasing dreams and setting goals to spend more time outside.

We had the opportunity to see Kal Barteski in action here in Vancouver - her work provides a wonderful reminder to pause and reflect on what really matters. Pure magic.

It has been an inspiring few days to follow the Angels on the east coast as they smashed the all-female Cabot Trail Relay course record (15 women - 276 kilometres - 19 hours 22 minutes). 

These women are exceptionally talented runners and all so inspiring. They are driven, focused, smart and above all else, fiercely supportive of one another. So proud of this group.

Stewie bringing it home for the Angels at the Cabot Trail Relay!
Congratulations to all of the Angels on their Cabot Trail course record!
Small steps. Big leap.
Lost in the dream. Music makes us whole.
Check out the new book by Gestalten, The Great Wide Open. You will be inspired to step outside.
Photo on a recent hike in Vancouver.

Common in spirit.