May 12, 2015

Keep flying.

We're rolling along here in Vancouver. With time set on overdrive, we're discovering the city and ourselves. This month we move into a place to call our own and fully expect the learning to continue in so many big ways. 

Running has been a constant throughout the move - it's an amazing outlet to handle the excitement of starting new jobs and getting to know our new surroundings. 

A few things to note with certainty at this point, Stanley Park is pure magic, the ocean never gets old and the sushi here is insane.

A look at the past 45 days away from the blog.

Up and over the mountains. We packed our bags and moved to Vancouver.
Finally put all those Kenyan miles in my legs to work. Around the Bay 30K Road Race - 3rd Female.
Last day in Toronto.
Photo taken while flying over Northern Ontario, a place to call home between the changing chapters of our lives.
Reunited with these two cats in Vancouver. Looking forward to making more memories together.
Dad retired! What a guy. 
Excited to watch my folks take the leap and move out to Sioux Narrows on Lake of the Woods. 
The summer is going to be grand.
Running and running. Vancouver is designed for runners with endless paths, hills and trails.
Miles and miles to go before I rest.
With love to Nepal. I took this photo in September 2009 during my Everest Base Camp trek - it is a spectacular part of the world. If you are in a place to do so, seek out ways to support the emergency and disaster relief on the ground there.
Laurelly and Lara conquered the Boston Marathon, so proud of these two amazing women.
Penelope overcame her fear of flying. She is adapting well to the west coast way of life. 
Natalie got married in Stanley Park on the prettiest spring day in April. 
It was a day of celebration, love and gratitude.
November Project showed up in Vancouver in a big way.
Her story is too remarkable not to mention. Krista Duchene defied all logic to fulfill her Olympic dream. A must read.
Sabine crushed her half marathon in Vancouver and ran a new personal best time.
And more running success! We started training with the Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club and raced our way to new personal best times in the half marathon here in Vancouver.
Best of all, Benny qualified for the BOSTON MARATHON in Toronto. So proud of this kid.
Street art love in Gastown, Vancouver. Time to explore our new city by the sea.
Standing bright on the west coast.