June 4, 2015

A guide, some soccer and a few serious game faces.

Go girls go!

The Women’s World Cup has arrived in Canada and there is something special in the air. 

Feeling super inspired today by this video.

& these photos. My gosh, they rule!

"As the Women’s World Cup quickly approaches and the best athletes in the world prepare to take the field, we wanted to turn our focus to the future of the sport. Through a series of photographs, #GameFace aims to capture the raw human potential in a crop of rising young soccer stars. Wildfang teamed up with photographer, mom, and talented athlete in her own right, Andrea Corradini, to shoot 14 young athletes ages 5-14 at their most authentic moment—right before they stepped out onto the pitch. The photographs below show each girl exactly as they are: powerful, competitive, and totally badass. We think you’ll agree, the future of the game is in good hands."