June 3, 2015

Celebrating National Running Day & Summer Road Trips

Buckle up, time to enjoy the ride!

Tales from our three day adventure in the Pacific Northwest. We ran. We conquered. We drank beer. 

Oregon is rad. This blog on BuzzFeed pretty much sums up what we experienced. Check it out...I've included some photos from that awesome post below.

In other news, I ran my tenth marathon and won with a new personal best time of 2:50:06. Michael qualified for the Boston Marathon and oh yeah, also ran a new personal best time!

A few reasons this race in Newport, Oregon is a good one.
  1. It's mission. All proceeds from the race support the Newport High School athletics program.
  2. Volunteers. Students from the high school handle all of the volunteer duties on race day.
  3. Race organizers. For the pride they take in keeping the race small and community focused.
  4. Flat (for the most part) course. Oregon is beautiful and this course gives you a good taste of it.
Shout out to the Vancouver Falcons Athletics Club and John Hill for the warm welcome to the city, for helping us both get faster and a good enough reason to dodge cyclists/tourists/walkers during tough tempo runs around Stanley Park.

The road is a sweet place. Keep exploring. Keep running.

Oregon, you are a beauty.

And just because...some additional running inspiration for good measure. A 92-year-old ran her 16th marathon and broke a record!