November 22, 2015

Open Letter to Vancouver Runners

Fellow runners:

We can, all of us, say that it has been a great year.

Racing here, there and everywhere. Breaking personal records. Climbing hills. Flying around Stanley Park. Trucking over bridges. Discovering new trails. Battling injuries, and coming back stronger. Meeting new friends. Treasuring the road's quiet moments, before the city wakes. Chasing after our goals, and believing in our teammates. 

We've expanded our awareness and found truths in running to guide our lives. 

As we roll into December, I've teamed up with my friends and avid runners, Neasa and Sabine, on a very special project. We invite you, the runners of Vancouver, to shift your focus and put community over everything on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Our vision is to bring Vancouver's running community together for one last all-inclusive run of the year for a common cause, to help the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre provide warm meals for women and kids, and an opportunity to transform lives. For many of us, running has transformed our own.

The meals program is the DEWC's most underfunded and important program, as food is the main draw to get many women in the door. Once inside, the DEWC has the opportunity to teach women about other programs and services, and provide access to much more than basic needs. Your support and love is a lifeline. 

Running is about taking one step at a time. Let's take steps together to make a difference. Representatives from the DEWC will be at the event to chat with the group, and we hope to have runners representing all of Vancouver's run crews.

I hope you can join us at the inaugural #RUNTOGIVEYVR.