November 12, 2015

The process.

The need to create. The desire to move. It lives inside us. We can try to tame it but it simply has to shine. We can muddy the water as much as we want, when in truth, we just have to start somewhere. A pen in hand. A blank page. A pair of shoes. A route to call our own.

The process is not easy but it's there waiting for us.

I don't often know where I am going during the tenacious jaunt of creating and training. Words open up. Doubt rears its ugly head. I know ideas and results wait on the other side of the effort. The more I crank myself to a place of discomfort, the more I learn. The more I listen to my own voice and breath, the wilder I grow.

In so many words, what "the process" is like for me.

Running and creativity do not live in different worlds. Rather improbably, they are friends supporting one another from afar.

I'm interested in challenging the numbers game behind modern training and getting back to the basics of running for what it gives the individual; how it helps us live better lives, get connected to our communities and of course, how it inspires creative thought.

Noodle on that. Read this beautiful piece by The Atlantic on Why Writers Run. Enjoy the process. See you out there.