May 27, 2016

Finding somewhere to grow in Bend, Oregon

Trails of trails of trails
Central Oregon
The tune hums to a familiar beat
Calling us

Creating memories with wheels spinning
Great wide, wide West
Head south to the place you've imagined
Find out if it's real

At the helm rain pours down
Escape to State Park confinement
Need to practice this part
Everything is water

Morning brings grey skies and a fresh fire
A search for caffeine in the High Desert
The search for warmth
The search for a path

It tumbles, rolls and roars
The Deschutes River
Traversing the trail, we stare in awe
Pausing to appreciate

Tasting the brews
Nodding to the strangest strangers
We fall in love with a place we do not know
Art brings us all together

Under the tarp we dream
We rise to run
Explore all that we can find
Go high at Smith Rock

She runs she does
So it is
More brews, more music
Another fire in a place now a legend in the mind

Over and around the Cascades
Along the highway we pass it all
Something pulls us along
The road brings us all together

This post was inspired by The Tragically Hip lyrics:

"For a good life we just might have to weaken
And find somewhere to go
Go somewhere we’re needed
Find somewhere to grow
Grow somewhere we’re needed"