December 13, 2016

Bravely shifting + beautifully balanced

Take inventory of everything,
everything that was, is and will be.
Words muddled with your words, their words, our words.
Decipher truth in the truth teller's voice.
Brightness burns from the holy wood,
brightness blazes within the soul of my soles.
Her story is our story.
Feeling deeply,
moving lightly,
Make space for grace, but leave what you find,
intertwine yourself in the full expression.
Are you the lion? Or the wind? Which wolf will you feed?
Bird On The Wire
Girl from the North Country
The Stranger
There is nothing I'm wishing to be owning.
Loss, that sunny November day.
And what I'm feeling, is anyone's guess.
The path, the road, was meant to lead another way.
Was, is, will,
it's cold and really real.
See the good,
feel it.
I closed my eyes and you were standin' there.
Take what you need, but leave what you find,
there is only one place to be.