January 21, 2017

Girls Are Powerful | Women's March on Washington in Vancouver, BC

I do not know you.
I do not know your dreams.
I do not know your story.
Under your hood, 
I see your ordinary sweetness. 

Distracted by chores.
Pulled in by the duty.
We came all this way.
Together like one.
No great exertion, it's easy like walking. 

Step by step.
To a place we can't see.
Like wind, we feel it with certainty.
Representing something that might have been. 
Renewing the hope to believe.

Indomitable resiliency.
Clear in direction.
Your artwork is messy like your hair.
Full of mistakes and wonder.
Full of double meaning.

Resistance through presence.
Like the seagulls that watch overhead.
Our cities cluttered with questions.
Forcing the barriers, the lines, and the confines aside. 
It's easy like walking.

Physically strong like an athlete.
No border restricts this freedom.
Who we all want to be.
Who we circle around, reinvent, and search for.
Writing new lyrics for the song.

Your hands.
Kind in the words they create.
Today will come back to you.
With great, mighty reason.
I give you power.